Monday, January 04, 2010

Matt Lillig Blog: Year In Review

Don't ask me how, but I let four months slip by without receiving any data (with regards to Google Analytics). Something happened where the Google tracking tag was mistakenly removed (probably as I was toying around with adding Blogger gadgets to my layout).

Yes, even I use Google Analytics (mainly because that's what I was using before I joined Yahoo!). I'll be adding a Yahoo Web Analytics account in the next couple days. :)

With regards to my blog, 2009 was a great year. Unfortunately, due to my 4 month tracking error, I came out with a fewer number of visits compared to 2008 (of course). Oh well, I still came out with some interesting user trends!

My top 10 keyword searches were as follows:

1. yahoo assists
2. matt lillig
3. green analytics
4. yahoo full analytics
5. matt lillig blog
6. yahoo web analytics
7. matt lillig yahoo
8. tracking display ads
9. where are assists in yahoo?
10. last click attribution

Anybody see a trend here? It appears that the topic of attribution was very high on the mind of my visitors in 2009 (as Yahoo's search attribution metric called 'Assists' came in at #1 and #9 and 'last click attribution' came in at #10). This is a good thing because I spent a lot of time covering the topic discussing how Assists can help advertisers save online ad budget dollars and lower their CPA for keywords.

With regards to my Top 10 blog posts of 2009, here is the breakout:

1. Home Page (of course):

2. Web Analytics Resources:

3. Yahoo! Assists:

4. Yahoo! Assists (Saving Money):

5. Yahoo! Web Analytics (Geo Targeting):

6. Tracking Search and Display:

7. Comscore:

8. Tracking Display Ads:

9. Green Analytics (this one was off topic with regards to Yahoo! but interesting that it received this much traffic):

10. Yahoo! Search Marketing Analytics Description:

Note the Assist posts came in at #2 and #3. Attribution love!

For 2010, expect more posts from me on the Yahoo! Web Analytics platform (note that my Y!WA post on geo-targeting made the #5 most visited post in 2009 even though I just posted it in early December) . It's clear that consumers out there are interested in learning more about Yahoo! Web Analytics and its capabilities. And why shouldn't they? It's free, it's fast, and it's powerful!

Thanks to all of the people who visited my blog 2009. Happy new year!

Adios to 2009 (thank goodness!) and here's to a great year for analytics in 2010!

Matt Lillig

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