Thursday, December 24, 2009

Case Study: How Assisted Attribution Helped Lower A Marketer's CPA by 25.6%!

Back in August I wrote a post about using Yahoo's Assist attribution metric to help advertisers lower their CPA. This morning I came across a case study that showed how one marketer used assisted attribution to reduce their cost-per-acquisition 25.6% while also increasing sales for non-branded key terms by 15.2%!! AWESOME!

Here's the link to the case study:

Here's the link to my August blog post:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Re: Use Yahoo! Web Analytics to view campaign traffic by zip code

Just an update to this post:

I made the images clickable so you can view are larger and more readable. I also changed the 2nd image so you can see the steps I used to create the Custom Report.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Use Yahoo! Web Analytics to view campaign traffic by zip code

I just finished reading an article titled: Forecast: Geotargeted display ads to reach $1.9 billion

In the article it stated:

"By geographically targeting ads to consumers marketers can substantially increase their ability to reach in-market consumers. For example, an auto dealer can now target consumers in specific zip codes or regions rather than blanketing an entire state or block of content sites."

As I read this, I thought why not just get this geographic data out of your Yahoo! Web Analytics reports? After you've set up Yahoo! Web Analytics to track your campaigns, you can set up a simple Customized Report to see the traffic to those campaigns via zip code (click on image below).

In the image example above, I simply selected the 'Demographics' report (from the left hand nav menu) and then selected the 'Zip Code' report in the dropdown menu.

After that, I selected the 'Customize Report' icon at the top of the page and followed the steps below.

1) From the 'Groups" tab, I clicked the 'Marketing' button.

2) Within the 'Marketing' button dropdown, I dragged the 'Campaigns' button over to the "Drag Groups Here' box (above the 'Zip Code' button).

3) Then I selected the 'Show Report' button (click on image below).

Now I can view the the traffic from different zip codes for all of my campaigns and I can target my users appropriately!