Thursday, February 05, 2009

Green Analytics

This post is a bit off the web analytics topic but I found this type of analytics to be pretty cool none-the-less.

Here's a snapshot report analysis of my home solar usage. I recently bought a new home in December that included some pretty cool (no pun intended) solar technology. This type of data will be very useful in helping me understand peak electricity usage, etc.

For example, the tall grey bar (that is hard to read in the chart below) is my high electricity usage during Super Bowl Sunday on 2/1 (ouch)! The orange bars show how much electricity I'm using up. Based on this information below, I'm not using as much as I'm generating. What this means is that my extra electricity is going back onto the city grid. And let me tell never gets old watching my electric meter outside run backwards!

So far, my home has reduced emissions equivalent to:

- Planting four mature trees

- Not driving 476 miles in a standard car.

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