Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yahoo! Web Analytics 9.5 launches and new Y!WA Facebook Group!

Yahoo! Web Analytics 9.5

The Yahoo! Web Analytics 9.5 upgrade has launched....and it looks nice! For more info and snapshots of some of the new features, check out Dennis Mortensen's blog at:

New features to the upgrade include:

- New Demographic Dimensions
- New Psychographic Dimensions
- New Charting Capabilities
- New Path Analysis
- New Negative-Segmentation opportunities
- New version 5 tracking code

- .....and 30 other smaller updates like e.g. native PDF export, use up to 50 actions (goals), introduction of 38 custom fields - and purplefication of the tool (for that Yahoo! branding)

New Yahoo! Web Analytics Facebook Group

Jiri Brazda has set up a new Facebook group for Yahoo! Web Analytics. If you'd like to join, please visit:

There's already 26 members and growing!