Friday, September 14, 2007

Have You Played With ClickTale Yet?

For those who haven't seen the new ClickTale tracking service yet, here you go. It's a new visual tool that monitors the movements of a visitor on your pages. It also provides some interesting mouse navigation heat maps.

I find this tool interesting to visually see how people are navigating my own blog. I find it to be a nice change of pace compared to other analytics tools where you are looking strictly at numbers and charts all day. It can definitely be a useful tool for web developers.

Based on the stats ClickTale provides me, I was able to tell that this visitor in the video below was:

- From the US
- Using IE
- Actively looking at my blog for 5 minutes and 17 seconds
- Referred from Google after searching for the term "web analyst position"
- Landed on my post called "How Many Stats Would A Stats Analyst Track If A Stats Analyst Could Tack Stats"

Follow the little square (actual mouse movement) on the video.....

Here is a snapshot of their heat map report. From this image, you can tell (if you look closely) that this one visitor's mouse icon spent 17 seconds in the red area:

For the free service, ClickTale will provide you with 100 free videos a week. If you want more, that have a subscription service available.
For more information, visit: