Thursday, December 08, 2011

New Study Proves True In-Store Value of Online Clicks

Visit the Yahoo! Advertising Blog to read about how effective online search is at driving offline sales revenue.

In a nutshell:

For every $1 of revenue generated through online search, $6 of revenue is generated offline!

For all of you fans of cross-channel attribution, this is a must read!

Click here for the study.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Powerful Keyword Insights In Yahoo! Clues

Not sure if you've had a chance to check out Yahoo! Clues yet, but if you haven't, I would take a look if you're responsible for managing search advertising at your company.  There is some powerful and insightful keyword data available in the Trend Analysis section.

Yahoo! Clues (beta) is a search keyword trending tool.  While it gives you a peek inside what's trending for searches on Yahoo! (sports, people, places, etc), it also gives you a peek into how your business stacks up against your competition when it comes to keyword searches.

One of my favorite reports under Trend Analysis tab is called Search Flow.  What Search Flow provides is "a list of the most probable previous and following user searches from an analysis of aggregated search patterns across Yahoo! Search. The top item under Previous Queries represents the most probable search term people tried before this search query. Similarly, the top item under Next Queries represents the most probable search term people tried after this search query."

Below is a good example.  By typing the term 'Staples' into the Find Trends box and clicking on the Discover button, I am able to see the most probable search keywords that people used BEFORE they searched for the term 'Staples' and then the most probable search keywords that people used AFTER they searched for the term 'Staples'.

This is very insightful data because it allows you, the advertiser, to get into the mind of your consumer/visitor.  With just this data alone, we can start to pick up on some interesting trends here.

First, we see that the consumers are interested in finding store locations as we see them searching for "staples locations" and "staples center" in the Previous Queries.  In the Next Queries we see the same trend of searches for "staples locations" and "staples center".  This obviously lets us know that a lot of visitors who come to Yahoo! and search for "Staples" are looking for store locations.  As an online marketer, these are good keywords to bid on because you know that a lot of your consumers are searching for them.  Also, by helping your consumer easily find your store, it will help drive foot traffic to your brick and mortar business.

The second trend we see here is discounts!  In Previous Queries, consumers searched for "staples easy rebates".  In the Next Queries, they searched for "staples coupons".  This trending data lets you know that your consumers are looking for deals to entice them to come to your store.  As an online advertisers/marketer, you should make it easy for your consumers to find discounts/coupons for your business.  Perhaps bid up on keywords such as "Staples Coupons" and make sure you provide your consumers with a landing page that gives them easy access to any coupons you have available (could be printable, mobile, etc).

The other advantage to looking at data under the Trend Analysis tab is gathering competitive intelligence.  If I also add in the search term "Office Max" to the Find Trends box, I get all sorts of great insights into how my Staples audience/consumers perform compared to how Office Max's audience/consumers perform.

In this competitive view we get...

Traffic Data Insights

Gender Data Insights

Geographic Data Insights

Search Flow & Related Searches Insight

The fact that this competitive data is freely available and already aggregated up for you (thanks to Yahoo) is amazing!  I recommend sharing Yahoo! Clues with your online marketing team so that they can leverage the insightful data to help drive a more profitable online business.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Win a Yahoo! Web Analytics Account

Simply go to our new Yahoo Web Analytics page on Facebook and tell us why you'd want a Yahoo! Web Analytics account.

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So get your entry in and get your friends to vote for you!!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Online Marketers Listen Up. There's Gold In That Data!

It happens way too often and it's painful to watch.  Extra revenue being flushed down the toilet because online marketers aren't taking a close enough look at what their web analytics reports are telling them.  They've spent the time to properly implement their tracking solutions but they aren't spending enough time in their solution looking for insights. 

For online marketers, there could be a whole slew of reasons as to why they're not paying closer attention to their web analytics data:

- Perhaps a new rep was hired and he/she didn't realize they had the data available
- Perhaps they have a 3rd party agency managing their data for them
- Perhaps they don't know how to analyze the data and need a consultant
- Perhaps they're just lazy and don't care

While there's always reasons why one hasn't looked closely enough, the bottom line is that you have to pay close attention to what your data is telling you so that you can capitalize on it!  Web analytics data isn't just a bunch of numbers on a page (though it may look like it to some).  Web analytics data provides you with insights such as: who your target audience is, where your roadblocks are, whether or not you're turning a profit, and who you should be spending your online budget with.

With that said, I want to introduce you to a good example of an online marketer who hasn't been paying close enough attention to their search engine referral report data.  And because of this, they're missing out BIG TIME on driving additional revenue to their bottom line.

The data provided below for this particular marketer (in the UK) was generated during the past several months...

Larger Image View:

By looking at the data from this report, we can see that:

- Google is driving 91% of the referral traffic (combo of paid and organic search)
- Google drives a higher Avg. Order Value for each sale
- Yahoo drives a much higher Conversion Rate
- Google drives a lot more Revenue
- Yahoo drives a much higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)
- The marketer spends (Cost) a lot more with Google versus the other three engines

Now let's analyze the data for insights.  Do you see the glaring question that comes from this report above (minus AOL since their search is enhanced by Google)???

Yes!  Why isn't this marketer spending more with Yahoo to drive more referral traffic when more than half of their visitors convert, the ROAS is more than double Google's, and the Avg Order Value is nearly the same as Google's?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the marketer should pull budget from away Google and use it for Yahoo (because Google's ROAS is also very good) but they should definitely be spending a lot more with Yahoo with the kind of performance data it's showing!  Sure spending more on Yahoo is going to drive up their costs/spend but at a 6,800% return-on-ad-spend, this marketer is missing out on a big revenue opportunity!!

Also, look how much more the marketer is spending with Bing (Cost), yet look at the return they get compared to Yahoo.  Does that make sense?  No.  However, that will soon change and become even more important as the Yahoo/Microsoft alliance moves into the UK in the near future.  Using the same data above, here's a breakdown and summary of what a Bing/Yahoo alliance currently looks like for this marketer compared to Google....

Referral Traffic
Google: 91%
Yahoo/Bing: 3%

Search Engine Spend/Cost
Google: €164,409 ($235,606)
Yahoo/Bing: €28,037 ($40,198)

Average Order Value
Google: €1,759 ($2,521)
Yahoo/Bing: €1,662 ($2,382)

Google: .43%
Yahoo/Bing:  .52%

Revenue Generated
Google: €5,468,506 ($7,840,167)
Yahoo/Bing: €458,009 ($656,607)

ROAS (Gain)
Google: 3,326%
Yahoo/Bing: 3,914%


While the Yahoo/Bing alliance has not yet taken place in the UK, the client should prepare themselves to take advantage of it when it does.  Even though Google refers a lot more traffic and generates more Revenue than both Yahoo and Bing combined (partly due to their 5X higher spend in Google), a combined Yahoo/Bing drives almost the same Average Order Value, drives a higher Conversion Rate, and provides a better Return On Ad Spend.  Those three metrics alone should alert the client that they should be spending more in AdCenter to drive higher revenue when the Yahoo/Bing alliance comes along. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Y!WA in 2011

I'm super excited about what 2011 has in store for Yahoo! Web Analytics. Get ready to see more of Y!WA in 2011! More conferences, more blogs, more webinars, more collateral, more product development, more integration, more of everything!

Stay tuned.....