Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Implementing Yahoo! 'Full Analytics'

For those of you Yahoo! advertisers who are thinking about using and implementing Yahoo's Full Analytics, life just got a whole lot easier! One of my coworkers (Eric, your friendly technical account manager host in the video) and I put together a quick implementation video for advertisers.

As always, this video was created with our customers in mind. Not that 'Full Analytics' was a difficult implementation before, but I figure, why read setup guides when you can watch a video (web 2.0 at its best)!

"Can life get any easier?? I submit that it cannot!" - Brian Regan, Comedian

To view a larger screening of the video, please click HERE.


Anonymous said...

This video is great! Setting up Full Analytics is so easy and this video underlines that.

EHAM said...

Very useful information.
Check out this overview video on Yahoo! Full Analytics.



EHAM said...

Great details on implementing Yahoo! Full Analytics...
Check out an overview of Yahoo! Full Analytics on my blog...


Marvin said...


Its a great video to setup yahoo full analytics.